Can anyone submit a story?

Yes! We sincerely invite everyone who has a story to tell it! We believe the young and the wise have stories to share.  Please see our story criteria and guidelines to help guide you.

Do you have to be a professional writer to participate?

Absolutely not! Everyone is invited to participate.

It is our belief that the stories told in everyday households are profoundly beautiful and lasting. If you are selected for publication, a professional editor will help smooth out the rough edges and make your story shine.

May I submit A photograph AND/OR RECIPE with my story?

Absolutely! We would love it. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. If we use your story and photograph, we will credit you for your work. 

What makes a powerful story?

In a word…heart. We encourage you to write from your heart about how you were touched by the act of love you experienced. Stories shape us into and affirm our place in family, society and history. A good story ignites our imagination and crosses barriers. Please see our story criteria to help guild you with the specifics.

Are you still offering classes and events?

At this time, we are not offering classes. Presently, we are focusing on a new mission – one that beautifully captures stories of life, love and place around the table.