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Intentional Table is a conscious company whose goal is to inspire people to gather around the table. We don’t believe in business as usual, and it shows in how we approach our mission, culture, leadership and collaborators. Let’s face it, these are dynamic times that demand dynamic ideas to stand out. Which is why we champion curiosity and innovation in everything we do. Since our humble beginning in 2010, we have focused on projects that encourage people to gather, share food, wine and travel. Now we’re ready for our next chapter – one that’s centered on the heartwarming stories behind it all. 

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Our newest Project!

We believe that if Tables Could Talk, they would tell the stories of our lives. And we want to hear what tables across the world would have to say. Starting with your own.  

Storytelling is cultural preservation. It deepens our understanding and sense of belonging, connecting and shaping us over time. Stories touch our hearts and bring us together. They ignite our imagination and inspire us.  

The goal of this project is to collect the stories of everyday people from around the globe. By revealing memorable moments that happened around a table, each one will help connect us all in a very human way. Allowing us to create a library of the traditions and special moments that happen at tables around the world. 

By contributing to this project, you will add your own story to the library. Your legacy will be part of a global kitchen heirloom that can inspire others to adopt new ways of sharing special moments with the people they love. 

Afterall, the world needs more love right now!



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