It was July and my 80th birthday was approaching, much too rapidly. I wanted to celebrate it in style with a few dear friends instead of my large family, who were a big party by themselves.

As I pondered the plan, the phrase "Life is Short, Eat Dessert First" kept echoing in my head. I learned of Intentional Table, who’s focus was on creating dining experiences for people, and their staff helped to design the event that would host this important party to fulfill my dream. 

Invitations designed with that theme were sent and 12 guests arrived hungry and curious. We gathered with champagne and light appetizers to warm up the crowd toasting to my good health. During this time those wishing to participate in the preparation of the food were invited to don aprons and joined in the stirring, dicing and fileting of the main course. After finishing our participating in the meal prep, all were invited to be seated for the first course –  "COCONUT CREAM PIE" which tasted heavenly as it started our meal. Dessert really does taste best before you confuse your taste buds with the rest of the meal. We finished the evening with delicious baked salmon, fresh gnocchi and a salad. The men attending helped with the preparing of the fish, many helped make the fresh gnocchi. It was a fun memorable birthday celebration to mark the beginning of another important decade.


coconut cream pie